How to Kitesurf

These days, the internet is littered with advice on all topics conceivable, including kiteboarding.  As interest in our favourite sport is growing fast, we have weeded through the information that is out there and compiled a list of videos which we find useful in helping a beginner to learn how to kitesurf.

While videos are definitely no substitute for proper instruction, they can help give you an idea of the techniques required when you get down to the beach and have a go with an instructor.

IMPORTANT: When learning to kitesurf, it is essential that you consult a professional instructor as the sport can be very dangerous even for the most experienced kiteboarders.

So without further ado…

The Kiteboarding Outlet - How to Kitesurf

How to Kitesurf

The first video is a good video on how to setup a trainer kite, launch it, control it and land it. It also provides basic theory on the wind window.

The 2nd video provides instruction on body dragging, which will be the next step on the road to kiteboarding. Body dragging is necessary as it teaches kite control and the skills in the water if you lose your board.

The 3rd video shows the basics of water starting, the first step in riding the board.

The 4th video is on how to stay upwind. When you first learn to kitesurf, a common problem is being unable to ride upwind and therefore continuously ride downwind resulting in a walk back up the beach at the end of it. This video gives you tips on how to be able to ride back and forth without drifting downwind.

This final video is just a good instructional video that provides tips on all aspects when you first learn to kitesurf.

For further reading on how to kitesurf

Check out this amazingly detailed website on pretty much everything related to learning how to kitesurf:

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