Kiteboarding kite size Calculator

Interactive kiteboarding kite size calculator

It’s a common question for beginners and more advanced kiteboarders alike ‘what size kite should I buy?’. As it is not a straightforward answer because you have to take into account your body weight and the wind strength of your location, we have a kite size calculator that can help give you a rough idea of what size kite you will need. Please note that it is an indication and local knowledge of particular location is always best.

There are two tabs, one for kites and one for boards. Hopefully this will give a beginner some kind of idea of what size of kite and board to get if they aren’t able to get help.

You can download the file by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is courtesy of James Douglass who put it together using simple maths.

The Kiteboarding Right of Way rules: All kiteboarders should know them

My recent in experience in Hong Kong

While I was out kiteboarding in Hong Kong recently, it occurred to me here that there were alot of people who did not understand the kiteboarding right of way rules. It is something that should be taught when you are learning for the safety of yourself and others kiteboarding around you.

Hong Kong’s kiteboarding area can get pretty busy, but compared to some kite spots in Europe, it isn’t really comparable. In these locations where there are hundreds of kites around, right of way rules are so important to avoid collisions and crossed lines.

Kiteboarding right of way rules in Tarifa

Knowing the right of way rules is vital when it is busy like at Tarifa

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How to Kitesurf

These days, the internet is littered with advice on all topics conceivable, including kiteboarding.  As interest in our favourite sport is growing fast, we have weeded through the information that is out there and compiled a list of videos which we find useful in helping a beginner to learn how to kitesurf.

While videos are definitely no substitute for proper instruction, they can help give you an idea of the techniques required when you get down to the beach and have a go with an instructor.

IMPORTANT: When learning to kitesurf, it is essential that you consult a professional instructor as the sport can be very dangerous even for the most experienced kiteboarders.

So without further ado…

The Kiteboarding Outlet - How to Kitesurf

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