Sir Richard Branson breaks record for channel crossing

On the 1st July, Richard Branson broke the record for being the oldest person to kitesurf across the English Channel at 61 years old. He crossed from Dymchurch, Kent, to Wimereux in northern France in three hours, 45 minutes to set the new Guinness World Record.

The Kiteboarding Outlet: Richard Branson

He had attempted to break the record the previous day, along with his son Sam and a team of his nephews and friends from France to England, but failed to complete the 30 mile journey. Richard Branson found that he did not have a large enough kite to get upwind so returned to France to change his kite but found there were no larger kites. His son Sam however, shaved 12 minutes off the previous record set in 1999 with a time of 2 hours and 18 minutes and the rest of the team followed minutes after. Continue reading

Richard Branson kiteboarding the English Channel

Did you know that Sir Richard Branson is an avid kiteboarder, in addition to being a billionaire entrepreneur?  He has already made one attempt to kitesurf across the English Channel, an amazing feat that is not easy to accomplish.


Foiled by Bad Weather

On Tuesday 24th August 2010, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, attempted to cross the English Channel for his 60th birthday. The crossing from Dungeness, Kent across to France was unfortunately foiled due to high winds and rough seas. During his crossing, he was joined by his daughter Holly and his son Sam, as well as a friend Dave Clarke. High winds an hour into the crossing prevented the safety boats from following and Richard was forced to head back.  At the time, he said he would make another attempt in the future.

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