Flexifoil Proton 2 Review

The Kiteboarding Outlet Founder, Chris, talks about his recent experience testing the Flexifoil Proton 2 in Shui Hau Wan, Hong Kong:

Flexifoil recently released the next generation of their Proton range aimed at freeriders and wave riders.

First of all, I think the Flexifoil Proton 2 is a beautiful looking kite. I was testing with a 12m red model but the other available colours, Rasta and Petrol, look fantastic as well.

The Kiteboarding Outlet: Flexifoil Proton 2 Review

The construction of the kite is rock solid, as it was designed for all skill levels of kiteboarders.  The kite has to withstand a beating for the beginners who are learning, while also being able to handle the finesse of advanced riders.

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