Kiteboarding in Perth, Australia

As part of our new blog, we are writing some segments on kiteboarding experiences we have had in different locations around the world.  Founder Chris talks about his experience living in Perth, Western Australia for 2 years, where the summer months hail some of the best winds for kiteboarding.

The Doctor is Here!

Occurring every summer in Perth, the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ is a south-westerly sea breeze that comes in the afternoons and is normally between 15-20 knots, perfect for kiteboarding. The ‘Doctor’ typically starts around November/December and runs through until around March/April.

With endless miles of beautiful beaches and numerous choices of spots to kite from, Perth would be a great place for a kiteboarding holiday during the Australian summer. While I was there, my 3 most frequented spots were Pinnaroo Point, Safety Bay and occasionally Melville Water on the Swan River if I didn’t have time to drive up to Pinnaroo straight after work.


Pinnaroo Point on a quieter day

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