Kitesurfing in Hong Kong

Kitesurfing in Hong Kong

Continuing with our posts about kitesurfing spots around the world, The Kiteboarding Outlet Founder Chris shares his experience of kitesurfing in Hong Kong:

While Hong Kong may not be known as a kitesurfing destination, there are some beaches that are good for kitesurfing when the conditions are right.  For those of us that live here and want to kite, we make the best of any day there is good wind.

The winds in Hong Kong on a good day will be around 18 knots but more often than not, it will be less than that. On the water on a busy day, the majority of the kites out will be 12 to 14m and many of the riders use larger boards due to the lighter wind conditions. Occasionally, if there is a typhoon coming in or if you head out after one has passed through, there will be conditions for a smaller kite of around 8m. Popular kitesurfing kites around Hong Kong include Nobile 50Fifty, the F-one Bandit series, and Slingshot kites.


Location of Shui Hau Wan

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