Speed Kiting vs Speed Windsurfing

The current world record speed on water is held by kitesurfer Rob Douglas with an impressive speed of 55.65 knots (103.06 km/h) at the Luderitz Speed Trials in Namibia. Presently, the windsurfing speed record hasn’t broken the 50 knot barrier yet but there are constant attempts to do so.

The current windsurfing speed record holder is Antoine Ableau, who in 2008 achieved a record of 49.09 knots (90.91 km/h) in a specially built canal in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the Camargue, South of France.

So far this year, Sweden’s Anders Bringdal has come closest to breaking the windsurfing record with a speed of 48.03 knots at Luderitz.

The Kiteboarding Outlet: Speed Kiting vs Windsurfing

photo courtesy of Team Genetrix

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