Nobile 50fifty kite special offer

We have some great deals for the 2012 Nobile 50fifty, a great freestyle kite.


Nobile 50fifty kite

7m complete with bar and lines – 990 USD or 7,670 HKD
9m complete with bar and lines – 1090 USD or 8,450 HKD
10m complete with bar and lines – 1145 USD or 8,880 HKD
12m complete with bar and lines – 1220 USD or 9,455 HKD.

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Wainman Hawaii

The Kiteboarding Outlet: Wainman Hawaii LogoThe Kiteboarding Outlet: Wainman Hawaii

We are proud to announce a new addition to our star line-up of brands at The Kiteboarding Outlet: Wainman Hawaii.  Founded in 2007, Wainman Hawaii is a relatively new player in the field but is growing fast in popularity.  With their fun designs and catchy names, each kite model features unique characteristics tailored to specific conditions, versus the traditional one-kite-fits-all approach of other companies. Continue reading

Kiteboarding and Facebook

I recently read an article on Kitesurfers Blog about kiteboarding brands and the number of Facebook ‘likes’ each of them have. I found the data showed a very different view of what you would expect.

Most companies nowadays, whether kiteboarding or not, will have a Facebook page to spread awareness of their brand, as well as news, promotions or anything that their customers or followers should know. Almost every kiteboarding brand has a Facebook page but the number of ‘likes’ doesn’t quite reflect the ‘popularity’ of each of the brands.

The Kiteboarding Outlet - Facebook Like

Continue reading

The Kiteboarding Outlet website relaunch

The Kiteboarding Outlet is pleased to announce a complete website overhaul.  If you’ve seen our old website, we think you can appreciate how proud we are of the changes that have been made.

What have we done at

  • Most importantly, we have made the product browsing functionality more customer-friendly with more information on the kites so it is easier for you to pick the perfect kite to suit your needs.
  • We have added a blog (duh!) and are looking forward to bringing you some reviews on kitesurfing spots around the world, new products, awesome kitesurfing videos, and well, anything related to kiteboarding.
  • We have changed the look and feel of the whole website to be more in-line with our target audience (you!).  Plus, the background reminds us of the many times we walked (or ran) from the car to the beach with all our kiteboarding gear in tow, totally psyched to get in the water.
  • On the side are easy links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages, for easy stalk-ability.

We hope you all like what you see.  Happy kiting to all!

The Kiteboarding Outlet Logo